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Services contracted are between you, hereafter known as the Couple or Client, and Ceremonies by the Sea, hereafter known as CBTS. Contracts are valid for a specific date & time, only. By signing a contract with CBTS, you certify that you have already discussed and agreed on a date and time with CBTS, who has committed to being available on that date and time, only.


A non-refundable deposit equal to 50% of the contract value is required as a retainer to secure a date and time commitment for your wedding. This retainer is non-refundable in the event of cancellation, it being the agreed loss suffered by CBTS due to cancellation. In the event of cancellation, all payments made to date are non-refundable, and any outstanding payments due will be due immediately.

The balance is due 1 month before the event date. If a Contract is signed less than 1 month before the event date, payment in full shall be due upon the signing of the Contract and all payments shall be non-refundable. The date of your final payment is the final date for any changes to the contract. Any changes requested after this date cannot be guaranteed and may be subject to additional charges.

All Payments not received by the due date may be subject to late fees equal to 1% of the overdue payment, per day late. Additionally, CBTS shall cease work on your wedding until payments are up to date. After any payment that is ten (10) days past due, CBTS shall be entitled to terminate the Contract immediately, and shall retain the Retainer Fee and any payments already tendered by Client. Clients shall pay any attorneys’ fees, court costs, or other costs incurred in collection of delinquent fees stated in fee schedule.

Acceptable payment methods include cash, check, money order, credit or debit card, or PayPal. Payment by check is preferred. Please do not send cash in the mail. Returned checks will be subject to a $50 non-sufficient funds fee. Future payments must be paid be cashier’s check or money order.


Gratuity is never expected, but appreciated. You may feel you would like to express your gratitude for excellent service in this way. Some Couples send a thank you card with a picture. The best thank you is to refer a friend. Some Couples do all of the above. Check out this article on How to Tip Your Vendors.


CBTS agrees to provide services at the specified date(s) and time(s) on the contract. Client understands that they must adhere to these times. Your guests will also expect that the wedding starts on time. 

Wedding invitations sent should instruct your guests to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the ceremony to avoid unnecessary delays. CBTS does understand events do not always go as planned and will accommodate for ceremonies that start later than scheduled, within reason, and as time permits.

CBTS is not responsible for any late fees of other vendors participating in your wedding. Any late fees must be paid before the ceremony begins. Often we have helpers working for us that must be paid for their time. As a courtesy to everyone, please be on time.


Any changes made to date, time, or location of the event, without first notifying CBTS to check availability, may result in additional fees and/or forfeiture of your retainer. All change requests must be submitted in writing. Any change to venue or location must be arranged in advance, and if additional travel is necessary, you agree to compensate CBTS accordingly.

Changing event dates is subject to loss of original 50% deposit if CBTS isn’t given adequate notice or opportunity to rebook the date. There will be a re-planning fee associated with all date changes, and there is no guarantee of availability of CBTS, or your other service providers. The existing contract will be considered null and void, and a new contract with new terms and conditions must be agreed to and signed by both parties. 

For significant date changes or postponements, the new date must be scheduled within one year of the original contract date to retain monies already paid, or as agreed upon by both parties. Client must confirm a new date with CBTS within 60 days of receiving written receipt of change request. In some cases, the retainer may be applied to a future date and time, if both parties agree, and if CBTS has the date available, but is also subject to the current rates, terms and conditions. The non-refundable retainer may be applied to the new contract and additional monies may be required to satisfy the new contract value.


Client may cancel their contract, in writing, for any reason. 

In the unfortunate event that either Client individually, or both Clients jointly decide to cancel or call off the Wedding for any reason, or should Clients have a change of heart for any reason with respect to using CBTS’s services, official notice of termination of the Agreement due to the cancellation of the Wedding or change of heart must be given to CBTS in writing. CBTS shall be entitled to retain the non-refundable, non-transferable Retainer Fee identified in this Contract regardless of when such notice is given to CBTS, as well as any subsequent payments made by Clients prior to CBTS receipt of the notice of termination.

For wholly cancelled events, Client forfeits all monies paid to date. Cancellations less than 60 days from the event date will require payment in full. The termination fees stated herein represent a reasonable estimate of the loss suffered by CBTS in the event of a termination of the Contract due to a cancellation of the Wedding or change of heart with respect to CBTS’s Services, as compensation for the decreasing likelihood of rebooking Clients’ Wedding date upon such late notice and for Services already rendered by CBTS prior to the termination, and are not intended to be a penalty.


If CBTS is contracted as your wedding planner, CBTS requires that all vendors are selected from our Preferred Vendors list of: Rental Companies, Musicians, Bands, DJs, Entertainment, Photographers, Videographers, Caterers, Bakers, etc. Our Preferred Vendors specialize in weddings and have demonstrated superior quality, professionalism, and service, and additionally have a history of working well together.

Exceptions may apply on a case by case basis. CBTS will conduct due diligence to assess the quality of product/service, and research client reviews of all wedding professionals Client selects who is not on CBTS’s Preferred Vendors list. If it is determined that the vendor in question is not on par with the level of quality and service we expect from the vendors we work with, we will insist that you find a suitable replacement, or risk your contract being cancelled, without recourse or refund. If Clients insists on a particular vendor who has not been approved, CBTS is not responsible for the performance or sub-par quality of service of said vendor.

CBTS does not accept any commissions from recommended vendors and cannot guarantee any service provider’s availability, performance or product.

CBTS is not responsible for loss of deposit from any vendor you book, including those vendors on our Preferred Vendors list.

Client will sign contracts with all service providers, accordingly. All payment arrangements are made directly with those vendors. Client understand and agree that they are responsible for and shall satisfy all obligations owed to vendors or other service providers in connection with the services, goods or accommodations they provide. Such monetary obligations due to vendors must be paid directly to the vendors and not through CBTS. CBTS is not responsible for late fees, and so Client should keep an accurate record of when all payments are due to their vendors as stated in their contracts.

Client shall provide CBTS with copies of all contact information, proposals and contracts/agreements, and any scheduled timetables for all service providers involved in the wedding ceremony/reception, in a timely manner, and under no circumstances any less than 30 days prior to the wedding date.

Client shall notify CBTS of any changes to vendors, schedules, locations or other wedding details in a timely manner. CBTS shall not be responsible for any issues resulting from Clients’ failure to notify CBTS of any such changes made by you or your selected service providers.


If the Client wishes to have CBTS attend a rehearsal, it needs to be explicitly added to the contract, and an additional fee of $100 will be added, unless ordering a package in which Rehearsal Facilitation is already included.

Rehearsals at locations outside of service radius will also be subject to additional travel fees, which will be negotiated at booking.

CBTS will facilitate your wedding rehearsal, subject to availability, based on up to one hour of rehearsal.

Rehearsals must be scheduled as to not interfere with other events for which CBTS is previously booked.


Clients whose events require CBTS to be contracted out longer than 4 hours are required to provide a meal for each CBTS associate hired to be on site. This includes the Wedding Planner, Wedding Coordinator, or any Assistants that have been contracted to be in attendance. This does not have to be a plated meal or buffet, but can be a vendor meal, as provided by your caterer. CBTS needs to be given their meal(s) at the same time as the Clients, in order to be able to cover and coordinate all events as they happen. CBTS will find a place out of the way to eat.

Please be advised that one or more of CBTS’s associates have certain dietary restrictions which must be accommodated.


All CBTS packages include unlimited email consultation. All correspondence must be submitted in writing, as to keep an accurate account of all that is discussed regarding the planning of your event.

Excessive phone calls will not be tolerated or accommodated. If you feel a phone call is necessary, CBTS will allow for exceptions, not to exceed 120 minutes of total talk time per event, or additional charges may apply. All phone conversations must be scheduled by appointment only, and all topics of discussion must be emailed in advance to give adequate time for CBTS to research and prepare answers to all questions effectively and efficiently.

Clients shall promptly communicate with CBTS in order to facilitate the planning process and Client understands that communication delays, or failure to heed CBTS’s recommendations and advice may have an adverse impact on Clients’ Wedding (such as lost opportunities with respect to venues and vendors, rush fees, late fees and additional staffing needs due to a shortage of time), for which CBTS shall bear no responsibility or liability.

Client shall comply with CBTS’s schedule and meetings policies: Appointments are by appointment only. Regular office hours are 10am to 6pm Monday through Friday (meetings shall be scheduled a minimum of 72 hours prior to the requested meeting time, and no meetings shall be held on Saturdays or Sundays unless agreed to by CBTS).

Clients shall give CBTS at least twenty-four (24) hours’ notice in the event of the cancellation or rescheduling of any in-person meeting; failure to comply with this requirement will result in the assessment of a $50.00 cancellation fee.


A Florida marriage license is required for all marriages performed in the State of Florida. Out-of-state licenses cannot be accepted. You do not have to be married in the same county where you obtain your license.  Client must obtain their marriage license no sooner than 60 days prior to the wedding date, and at least 3 days prior to the wedding date before the license becomes effective. The license expires exactly 60 days from the date of issue. The three-day waiting period is waived for non-residents.

The Family Law Handbook is required by the State of Florida to be read by all marriage license applicants before the marriage license is issued. The Handbook is available for download on our website on the Getting Married in FL page. Once you have both read it, you can visit your local Florida Clerk of Court to apply. The Couple must apply together in person, and will need to present two forms of ID, usually a driver's license and social security card. A passport is also acceptable. If either have previously been married, they must also present proof of marital status. Some counties allow to submit your information online to expedite the process.  Check your local county for availability and requirements. 

The current cost of the marriage license in the State of Florida is $86.00, which is not included in CBTS’s fees. There is a discount of $25 offered to Florida residents who complete an approved pre-marital course. Also, the three-day waiting period is waived.

The marriage license must be on the premises when the ceremony is performed, and must be presented to the person performing the ceremony, also known as your Wedding Officiant. Client understands that failure to have these legal documents means that your Officiant cannot legally perform the ceremony and is under no obligation to do so. The Officiant may at his/her discretion perform a symbolic ceremony, which will have no legal merit, and perform another ceremony in private for the Couple once the legal documents are presented, for an additional fee, at your Officiant’s discretion.


Client is responsible for securing a venue for the ceremony. This includes all rental fees or permits associated with the venue of their choice. It is the Client's responsibility to find and hold a location for their wedding. Specifically, if a beach wedding is planned, it is the Client's responsibility to hold a spot at the agreed upon location for their set-up and guests. Beach wedding locations must provide reasonable access to the beach to allow for equipment to be transported to ceremony site.  A list of popular beach venues can be found here.

Wedding ceremonies in paid locations or attractions must be paid by the Couple, including any fees for CBTS and their associates to park or enter, such as Theme Parks, Festivals, or Attractions, or Parking/Valet fees required by some resorts and venues, plus any necessary gratuities. Parking fees will be charged according to the maximum daily rate at the specified location. Any special setting that requires CBTS to remain on site for an extended period of time may also incur additional fees, depending on the amount of time required.

If an outdoor wedding is planned, Client is responsible for securing a back-up location in the event of inclement weather. CBTS will make every effort to have the ceremony on the beach or at the agreed upon location. If we can wait out a storm for a brief period of time, we will. But if we can't, we will move the ceremony to the back-up location, at CBTS's discretion. If there is a hurricane warning, we are happy to reschedule the ceremony for another day, as long as the date is not reserved. Certain equipment is not available under certain weather conditions (see Equipment, below). If a back-up location is not secured, there will be no discount or refund given. Client assumes all risk and liability related to their choice of venue(s).


Equipment or Ceremony Décor reserved from CBTS for your event may be subject to delivery & set-up fees. Reservation of equipment gives Client sole usage of the equipment during the date and times outlined by the contract. In most cases, set-up is completed up to an hour before the scheduled start of the ceremony, and available for up to 30 minutes after the completion of the ceremony to allow time for your photographer to take pictures of you with your set-up.

Some equipment requires additional persons to be present during set-up and breakdown. Fees related to our equipment include considerations  for reserving and paying those persons. Any costs related to these services incurred by CBTS are non-refundable. Additionally, reservation of the equipment is also non-refundable. Costs related to equipment rental are at the risk of the Client. In the case of inclement weather, where set-up cannot be accommodated, full rental charges will remain in effect.

Equipment offered by CBTS, such as arches, arbor, PA system, chairs, or any other equipment ordered for set-up, can only be offered in fair weather conditions. Some parts, or all of our set-ups will not be installed during certain weather conditions. High wind, rain, tide conditions, and other forces of nature affect the integrity, functionability and safety of equipment. This shall be at the sole discretion of CBTS. If weather related issues arise, CBTS will make every reasonable effort to re-create the set-up at the back-up location. Some decorations might not be able to be used at the alternate ceremony site. Clients assumes all risk for adding these items to their contract.

Clients shall be financially responsible for and reimburse to CBTS any and all costs, damages and expenses (including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees and associated costs) due to damage to or theft of any of CBTS’s equipment or materials caused by Clients or any Wedding Guest.

If the ceremony includes a sand ceremony, unity painting, unity candle, or any other special feature, the Client is responsible for furnishing all equipment and furnishings needed, unless ordering products already offered by CBTS.


Volusia County Beach Safety must be notified of all weddings that will take place on their local beaches. The necessary paperwork required depends on the total guest count that will be present during the event. Total guest count shall include the Couple, their wedding party, all of their guests, and any vendors who will be present. This information is provided as a courtesy and is subject to change. Read below to determine which documents will apply for your event or contact Volusia County Beach Safety for more information.

For events outside of Volusia County, it is the couple's responsibility to find out requirements for any permits specific to that county. No permit is required for Brevard or Flagler Counties. Client shall check state and county rules to make sure they are in compliance. If the wedding is to be held outside of Volusia County, it is the Client's responsibility to find out requirements for any permits specific to that county.


Over 50 People:

Permits are required in Volusia County for beach events of more than 50 People. Client must fill out a Special Event Application with a Site Map and submit it to Beach Safety for approval, at a fee of $100. Special event insurance must also be purchased, naming CBTS as an Additional Insured. Proof of permit and insurance must be emailed to CBTS before any set-up may occur. If a permit is not secured, Client is responsible for any fines issued for non-compliance.

Special event liability insurance is required in conjunction with a beach permit, for events of more than 50 people. The Event Helper offers Special Event Insurance quotes based on your guest count. Contact Beach Safety for specific requirements.

Up to 50 People:

Beach Safety must be notified of any activity or event that includes 50 people or fewer, and does not require major set-up. Client must complete a Beach Activity Notification and submit it to Beach Safety for approval.  There is no fee for this, and special event insurance is not required. For some set-ups offered, CBTS may still require a permit, even if your guest count is less than 50 people, to ensure the ceremony site is available on the day of your wedding. Client is responsible for finding and holding the location of the ceremony for the set-up and their guests.

Volusia County beaches are public and sites are available on a first come, first serve basis. If you want to ensure that a specific site or location will be available to you for your wedding, it is recommended to obtain a permit, even if your guest count will be less than 50 people. The only guarantee to a site is with full payment for footage requested on a Special Event Application.

Once you've completed the appropriate forms, Email Beach Safety to submit your paperwork, and arrange for payment, if required.


"Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints."  

You and your guests are expected to behave in a manner that fully protects and preserves the natural resources of our local beaches. All ceremony set-up is to be seaward of the Conservation Zone, conspicuously marked by posts and signs.  Federal Law prohibits any activity within 30 feet of a marked sea turtle nest. Lighting of any kind is prohibited during sea turtle nesting season (May 1st thru October 31st). You and your guests are to fully protect beach vegetation and to keep off the dune and dune vegetation at all times. It is unlawful to remove anything from the beach such as sand, vegetation, shells, or wildlife.

It is not CBTS’s responsibility to collect or dispose of any waste products left by you or your guests. Any and all waste produced at the event, by any individual, must be appropriately collected and disposed of in any of the many trash receptacles conveniently located along the waterfront, including, but limited to, food waste, plastic containers, soda cans, cigarette butts, bubble favors, ceremony programs, and flower petals. Styrofoam containers and toxic chemicals are prohibited from the beach at all times. Fabric flower petals are not to be used at any time, or under any circumstances, as they cannot easily be retrieved or disposed of, and pose a danger to wildlife.  You are encouraged to research environmentally-safe and bio-degradable alternatives.

It is the Client's responsibility to ensure their guests are being respectful of our local beaches by disposing of their own litter. You shall designate someone in your party to ensure beach cleanliness is maintained, and that all trash is collected and disposed of upon conclusion of the ceremony. If trash is not collected within a reasonable time, or if CBTS must clean up any waste left by you or your guests, you will be charged a $250 penalty for non-compliance. Additionally, you will be responsible for any fines issued by county officials.

In some cases, a $250 Beach Cleanliness Deposit will be required and collected to ensure that the ceremony site is left free of debris or litter left by you or your guests. If the beach is left in satisfactory condition prior to your departure, the deposit will be returned via check the week following your event. If trash is not collected within a reasonable time, or if CBTS must clean up any waste left by you or your guests, the beach cleanliness deposit will be forfeited, without recourse.


CBTS is available to conduct weddings anywhere within the State of Florida. Any destination wedding outside the typical service area must be fully discussed in advance, and the Client is expected to pay any additional transportation expenses and hospitality costs, such as meal allowance and hotel accommodations, and a per diem may be discussed. These details must be agreed upon prior to signing the contract whenever possible.

Travel required for meetings, appointments and venues exceeding twenty five (25) miles from CBTS’s offices shall be billed to Clients at the rate of one dollar ($1.00) per mile. Destination weddings outside of Florida, or more than 3 hours from CBTS’s offices, shall require hotel accommodations, meal allowance, and air and/or ground transportation, arrangements for which are to be determined prior to signing the contract whenever possible. Any travel arrangements booked by Clients on CBTS’s behalf are subject to CBTS’s input and advance approval. CBTS shall be reimbursed by Clients for any travel expenses within ten (10) days of presentation of an invoice or receipt to Clients.

Hotel accommodations are also required for any of the following conditions: 

a.  If the wedding is before 11 am and more than 50 miles away for the night before the wedding;
b.  If the wedding is after 6:00 pm and more than 50 miles away for the night after the wedding;
c.  If the wedding is more than 50 miles away and service is requested for rehearsal the night before;
d.  If travel exceeds 3 hours of driving time per day round-trip for the night before or after wedding.


An unplugged wedding is where guests are asked to refrain from taking pictures during the ceremony and encouraged to put down their phones and cameras as to allow themselves to be fully present and enjoy the celebration. Unplugged Weddings are strongly encouraged, especially if you will have a professional photographer capturing the important moments of your event. Photographers cannot be held responsible for missed shots due to guests’ interference.


Client does hereby consent and agree that the above mentioned CBTS has the right to take photographs and/or digital recordings of Client and their event, and to use these in any media now or hereafter, and exclusively for the purpose of a business portfolio and/or marketing. CBTS retains the right in all cases to use the photographs in any manner at any time and in any part of the world for the purposes of advertising or promoting his/her work. Client also consents that their name(s) and identities may be revealed by descriptive text or commentary. Client understands that there will be absolutely no financial consideration for photographing or recording Client, either for the initial or subsequent transmission or playback in the future. Where a disc of photographs has been provided to the Client as part of their collection, these photographs may be printed, and displayed online, for personal but not commercial use.


Should CBTS be unable to attend your event due to unforeseen circumstances, including injury, illness, or incapacitation, all reasonable efforts will be made to find a replacement of reasonably similar experience to attend on CBTS’s behalf. The replacement will be given all pertinent information relating to your event.

In the unlikely event that CBTS is unable to secure a replacement to attend your event, Client shall receive a refund in the amount equal only to services yet to be rendered. Client agrees that in all circumstances, CBTS liability shall be exclusively limited to an amount equal to the performance fee and the maximum remedy shall be a prorated portion of the Fees paid by Clients prior to the date of the occurrence of incapacitation, based upon the extent of the services rendered prior to incapacitation. CBTS shall not be liable for indirect or consequential damages arising from any breach of contract.


CBTS reserves the right to cancel your agreement at any time for any reason (including the day of the event,) and retain reasonable fees and all expenses, if it is due to clients’ and/or client representative's behavior, actions or inactions. Threats, harassment, any demeaning or belittling behavior, unrealistic or unnecessary requests or changes, unnecessary or excessive number of phone calls, will not be tolerated, and contract will be terminated. Aggressive, abusive, rude and/or obnoxious behavior will not be tolerated towards any staff, vendors or subcontractors.


Ensuring the appropriate behavior of all guests and other persons at the wedding and other events covered by CBTS shall be the responsibility of the Client. In the event CBTS experiences any inappropriate, threatening, hostile, or offensive behavior from any guest or other person at the event (including but not limited to, unwelcome sexual advances and verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature), then the following process shall be followed: first offense: a verbal warning will be issued to offending person; second offense, coordinator in charge or Client shall be informed, and the offending person will be required to leave the wedding or event; third offense: CBTS will end services immediately and leave the event, and CBTS shall be entitled to retain all monies paid. CBTS reserves the right to get authorities involved, depending on the extent or severity of the harassment.


Client agrees to take no action which is intended, or would reasonably be expected, to harm CBTS's reputation or which would reasonably be expected to lead to unwanted or unfavorable publicity to CBTS. Client agrees that they will not post any negative statements, reviews, comments, or feedback about CBTS or services provided to any third party, whether orally or in any written publication or online forum, chat room, or message board, including but not limited to, WeddingWire, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, or any and all other review platforms.

Parties agree that it would be impracticable and extremely difficult to ascertain the amount of actual damages caused by a failure to comply with this provision. Parties agree that in the event it is established that Client has filed to comply with this provision, legal matters will be taken to determine damages.


The agreement of CBTS to provide services is subject to proven detention by accidents, fires, riots, strikes, epidemics, acts of God, or any other legitimate conditions beyond their control. Should Clients’ Wedding be cancelled, postponed or otherwise adversely impacted as a result of a force majeure event, there shall be no refunds for payments already received by CBTS, but CBTS will use all reasonable efforts to work with Clients to produce the Wedding at a later date if necessary, subject to CBTS’s availability, and a substitute representative may be present on CBTS’s behalf on the rescheduled date. Additional fees may be incurred and due to CBTS and/or Wedding vendors as a result of a rescheduled event. A re-planning fee for the new date may apply.


Clients agree that, to the fullest extent permitted by law, CBTS’s maximum total liability for any claims, breaches or damages by reason of any act or omission, including breach of contract and negligence, shall be limited solely to the dollar amount of the Fees paid by Clients to CBTS. Clients agree that, to the fullest extent permitted by law, CBTS shall not be liable for any claims for punitive damages, consequential damages, emotional distress, mental anguish, lost profit, loss of enjoyment, lost revenues and/or replacement costs.

CBTS is not responsible for any defective products or imperfect resources purchased on behalf of Clients or provided by Vendors that may negatively impact or affect the Wedding or cause any type of injury, and Clients waive any right to pursue any claim, demand or cause of action against CBTS for such.

CBTS is not responsible for any Vendor’s performance, or lack thereof, and Clients expressly agree to waive any claims, demands or causes of action against CBTS with respect to the goods or services of any Wedding Vendor, venue or other third party recommendations made by CBTS.

CBTS is not responsible for any items lost, stolen or damaged during the Wedding, including, but not limited to, personal property of Clients or any Wedding guests, gifts, cards, Wedding décor and property of Wedding Vendors, and Clients agree to hold CBTS harmless for any such loss.

CBTS is not responsible for monitoring the consumption of alcohol by Clients and Clients’ Wedding guests and Clients shall indemnify CBTS for any alcohol-related third party claims against CBTS. It is Clients’ responsibility to ensure that a properly licensed and trained bartender is responsible for the serving of all alcohol.

CBTS is not responsible for warning Wedding guests about risks associated with any food allergy concerns or choking hazards for small children. It is Clients’ responsibility to inform Wedding guests of any food, favors, or welcome bag items that may present these risks, and Clients shall indemnify CBTS for any resulting third party claims against CBTS.

Clients acknowledge and agree that these limitations reflect a fair allocation of risk and that CBTS would not enter into this Agreement without these limitations on its liability.


Contracts are entered into in Volusia County, Florida. Contracts shall be governed by the laws of the State of Florida. In the event of any dispute arising out of or relating to this Agreement, or the breach thereof, the parties hereto shall use their good faith efforts to settle the dispute through mediation/arbitration in Volusia County, FL.


CBTS owns, possesses or controls certain trade secrets and other proprietary and confidential information acquired through the expenditure of time, effort and money, including, but not limited to, planning documents, instructional documents, timelines, schematics, checklists, vendor information and these Terms of Service, including pricing (herein “Confidential Information”).

All parts of your contract shall be considered confidential, to include terms, pricing, and detailed descriptions. No portion of this contract shall be shared with any other party or competing vendor. Clients agree to use all best efforts to protect CBTS’s interest in the Confidential Information and keep it strictly confidential. This includes a covenant to not directly or indirectly disclose, allow access to, transmit or transfer the Confidential Information to any third party, including but not limited to online forums, without CBTS’s prior written consent.


By signing a contract with CBTS, you consent to the Terms of Service outlined above, and agree to submit the minimum non-refundable deposit at your earliest convenience. You understand that until your payment is received, your date and time is not secure. If a deposit is not submitted within 7 days of signing the contract, your contract will be cancelled, without recourse, unless payment arrangements have been made.


Once you become husband and wife, there is a lot of important decisions to make regarding your future together.  Make sure you are prepared.  This portfolio includes an optional Pre-Marital or Marital Agreement, two Last Wills, Living Wills, & Healthcare POAs, and a SSA Name Change Form.  Includes providing and notarizing all documents.